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How not to get busted with pot

  • Never Get Busted Again DVD by former DEA agent Barry Cooper
  • Barry Cooper's DVD: Never Get Busted Again
  • Barry Cooper's Never Get Busted Again DVD
  • EUR 15.00 / $ 19.95
  • This DVD is truly a one-of-a-kind, never before seen, information packed tool which can help you save thousands in legal fees and stay out of jail!
  • Where Not to Hide Your Stash, How Police Cause Drug Dogs to False Alert, Search & Seizure Law Made Easy, How Police Can Tell When You’re Lying, and more...
  • Barry former DEA officer gives inside police facts and important tips that can save any of us harmless pot smokers from arrest and sentence, so if you hesitate if this dvd is worth the money, don't, freedomi is priceless! Just one thing I do not agree is giving consent to police searches, don't do that people, you ask why ? Well we don't want to help the bad justice system, right ? Besides and most of all we value our personal civil freedoms a lot!

  • Barry Cooper's Never Get Busted Again DVD

It's always best to limit your risk when carrying cannabis by being a smart stoner.

Busted with marijuana is not something a pothead wants to go through.

Jail or probation is a serious bummer for those who love to rip a bong.

Responsible people smoking a small amount of weed in the privacy of their home are relatively safe from not getting busted with pot.

Presuming the police aren't called for anything like a domestic disturbance or wild party.

Police responding to a problem at pothead's house is not good and may end up in the stoner getting busted for pot.

Potheads living in a student dorm or apartment where marijuana smell might attract a neighbor's attention should consider purchasing an air purifier.

A good air purifier will eliminate the smell from smoking pot.

Lighting incense and using other smelly scents will help cover the smell of marijuana.

Remember to always mask the smell of pot to avoid getting busted.

Do not get busted by being extra cautious with cannabis in public.

Though smoking a joint in a park is an awesome way to enjoy pot, it also increases the chance of arrest for marijuana.

When smoking weed outside, always carry just enough cannabis.

Do not carry large quantities of marijuana while puffing pot publicly.

A little bit of marijuana is easier to conceal.

Small amounts of marijuana will receive a different charge and punishment versus larger amounts. If police happen to encounter your joint circle puffing a little bit of weed in a park the offense will be greatly diminished compared to say the person busted with a pound of cannabis.

Knowing weight limits between simple possession and trafficking in your state is the best gauge on how much marijuana you should carry publicly.

This information is easily available online.

Do not get busted holding multiple small amounts of weed in individual baggies. These individual baggies will be used by police as proof of trafficking.

Keep all your marijuana in one bag.

Do not have scales on your person in public. When traveling with weed make sure the car you're driving is perfectly operational. No broken headlights, taillights, or turn signals. These will give patrol cars a reason to pull your vehicle over.

Do not speed or drive aggressively.

Stash marijuana in a backpack, briefcase or suitcase that is kept in the trunk of your car. Hiding marijuana in a glove box won't be useful because police will ask to see your driver's license and vehicle's registration which is most often kept in the glove box.

Once the glove box is open officers will have ample opportunity to inspect all the contents of the glove box. Possibly catching a glance at your ganja stash.

Expired license plate stickers, driver's licenses or insurance is clearly a no-no.

Do not get busted with marijuana at a traffic stop by being extra polite.

Refer to the officer with respect as this will help you quickly be on your way.

The most important information to remember is your right to remain silent.

Use this right wisely.

If the officer begins asking questions about who, what, where you're going, politely say your using your right to remain silent. Officers don't like this. Stay steadfast to your right to remain silent. Do not provide the officer with any information, despite any promises they may make. Including allowing you to go quickly on your way for answering some simple questions.

Provide the officer with your name, address and identification.

Once a traffic ticket has been issued ask if you are free to go on your way.

If the officer continues to ask questions after issuing the ticket ask if you are under arrest.

Do not get hostile with the officer.

If questions persist ask if you are free to be on your way.

Remain polite, but never consent to a vehicle search or give up your right to remain silent.

There is much argument amongst cannabis enthusiasts upon whether or not to consent to a search at a traffic stop. Some potheads suggest allowing an officer to search a vehicle as they'll do a quick routine inspection.

Marijuana properly stashed in a backpack, suitcase or briefcase may not be found as the officer might not want to do a complete search of the vehicle.

A defense attorney will always suggest never consent to a search. Officers will threaten a driver with all kinds of problems if consent to search isn't given.

Follow an attorney's advice, never consent to a police search.

Avoid leaving roaches in ashtrays of cars or even in your home. Officers spotting roaches will use this as probably cause to conduct a search.

Stash the roaches for days when you don't have cannabis.

Former police officer Barry Cooper has released a series of videos Never Get Busted providing tips for potheads to follow on avoiding arrest. His videos contain excellent advice with excerpts available on YouTube

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