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  • Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Seeds
  • 10 Seeds - EUR 25
  • Yoruba Nigeria - click on picture to see buy now button and further ordering and shipping options
  • Indica/Sativa: 20%/80%
    Height: Indoor/Outdoor
    High: This is a sharp high: It's visually trippy and can be overwhelming for unexperienced smokers. But the pros will get those very much desired wings !
  • More details: Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Seeds

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Question #1:
Female plants started to show hermadrodites signs, what can I do with it?
Hermaphrodites usually happens on females who had some growing stress and are afraid of dying and make male pods to pollinate itself to preserve the species. Don't kill. Just take scissors and cut all male pods. They are still females. Just avoid stressing them.
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