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Common Pot Seed Germination Mistakes

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For many first time marijuana growers when it comes to germinating their cannabis seeds they're prone to making mistakes.

To avoid germination errors use the free pot seeds most seed banks ship with their orders.

Practice on the free cannabis seeds first.

Our newbie marijuana grow guide highlights some of the common germination mistakes pot growers make.

We'll teach you how to avoid marijuana seeds germinating pitfalls.

Such as breaking the marijuana seeds tap root.

When cannabis seeds first pop from their hard shell their white root or shoot is extremely fragile.

Be extremely careful when handling these freshly germinated weed seeds because the tap shoot can easily break.

A common pot seeds germination mistake is breaking the tap root.

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Ruining the seeds.

Don't be a careless marijuana grower by mishandling your cannabis seeds after they've germinated.

The once tough weed seeds have become very fragile.

Don't wait too long after the tap root has shown itself to plant your marijuana seeds.

Once the tap root has appeared it's important to put them in the medium of your choice within 12 hours.

People using the paper towel method to germinate their marijuana seeds need to keep the paper towel moist at all times. A common germination mistake is allowing the paper towel to dry out over night.

When the paper towel dries out so do the seeds.

The cannabis seeds then die.

Give the paper towel a good soaking to avoid this common problem.

Check it before going to bed.

A new marijuana grower may leave a moist paper towel out over night packed with marijuana seeds, anticipating waking to tap roots, only to discover the paper towel dried while they slept.

Finally marijuana growers need to provide a clean area to germinate their cannabis seeds in.

Un-sterile conditions are common mistake growers make when germinating pot seeds.

Clean counter tops and all utensils before beginning marijuana seeds germination.

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