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Does More THC Produce More Potent Pot

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With so many seeds to choose how does a cannabis grower know which one to choose. Often a cannabis grower will opt for the most potent pot seeds. But what exactly is marijuana potency.

Plenty of potheads have heard the myth about how pot seeds are more potent than ever before. Creating a whooper of a marijuana high.

Government's ability to test for THC potency has improved greatly. Testing for potency has become easier for law enforcement. Previously police agencies would test the whole marijuana plant for potency. These days police only test marijuana buds to determine potency.

Granted there are some cannabis strains with over 20% THC in them. Pot seeds such as Big Bud, Kush and God Bud may produce this much THC.

But there are also plenty of marijuana strains with 6 or 7% – similar to 20+ years ago.

So, the best we can say is that some seeds have been bred to produce more THC.

This elevated level of THC, in both Sativa marijuana strains and Indica marijuana strains, does not necessarily mean that the THC always has some increased weed high.

It certainly does not mean that the marijuana is better, more potent or anything else, other than there is more THC in the cannabis seed. In some studies, high levels of THC has been found to be much less “potent” if the Terpenes in the cannabis are removed.

So, we are very far from understanding what the various levels of THC, CBD and CBN mean.

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