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How To Select Pot Seeds For Your Location

A common newbie marijuana grower mistake is purchasing cannabis seeds not suitable for their grow space or location. Choosing proper marijuana seeds for your location is critical to having success.

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The size of your space plays a critical role in the kinds of marijuana seeds you can germinate and grow.

Along with whether the cannabis seeds are going to be grown indoors or outdoors. This is very important.

Do not buy marijuana seeds designed for outdoor and plant them inside anticipating great results. It's just not going to happen.

Outdoor cannabis seeds are strictly for outdoor growing.

And indoor pot seeds are strictly for indoor growing.

It shouldn't have to be said, but some newbie marijuana growers just don't pay attention to this vital piece of information.

When selecting weed seeds, at the very least, buy cannabis seeds appropriate to your location.

The outdoor weed grower must purchase marijuana seeds that will finish flowering in their grow zone.

People living in northern climates have short compact growing seasons requiring marijuana seeds that are fast flowering. Otherwise they won't finishing marijuana flowering before the onset of frost.

Typically indica cannabis seeds are ideal for growing in short seasons.

Southern climates have much longer growing seasons.

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Allowing growers to buy marijuana seeds with a much longer flowering time.

Sativa cannabis seeds are perfect for germinating and planting in southern locations.

Remember your marijuana plants need to be harvested before first frost.

Or they will die.

Pick your cannabis seeds wisely when it comes to an outdoor location.

The indoor marijuana grower has a plenty of different problems to easily solve.

An indoor grower needs to buy cannabis seeds suitable to their grow space.

And their method of growing.

Some seeds don't work well in sea of green settings.

While some weed seeds grow amazing in SOG or SCOG.

When buy cannabis seeds an indoor marijuana grower is only confined by their room.

Small confined cannabis grow spaces require small compact marijuana plants.

Indica cannabis seeds generally are perfect for grow tents and self contained units. When these seeds are germinated they produce small heavy yielding plants.

Growers with ample ceiling height should consider sativa cannabis seeds. These marijuana plants grow very tall and lanky. Requiring plenty of grow space.

When selecting pot seeds for your location, the outdoor grower needs to take into consideration growing season length and the indoor grower must pay close attention to the space of their room.

Selecting the proper cannabis seeds for your location is important to achieving success.

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