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  • Indica/Sativa: 60%/40%
    Height: Indoor/Outdoor ~80cm/150-200cm
    Yield: Indoor/Outdoor
    High: Very crystal flavoured. A strong green mint taste. A very nice stoney and uplifting feeling. You only need to smoke a quarter spliff and you are in an "altered" state. The high lasts really long and that adds to the value for money and growing effort.

How to preserve pot seeds for years

A growing number of marijuana enthusiasts collect cannabis seeds.

Choosing a few out of their packets of cannabis seeds to germinate while storing the rest for another day. Some marijuana seeds collectors swap their seeds with each other.

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It's not uncommon for these cannabis seeds collectors to have hundreds of different kinds of marijuana.

Some stoners collect marijuana seeds like some people do coins, postage stamps or sports cards.

Starting a cannabis seeds collection is fun and easy hobby.

Just start by selecting seeds.

Most marijuana growers have reasons why they opt to buy cannabis seeds to add to their collection. They buy marijuana seeds based on marijuana breeder, marijuana type, or even rarity.

Collectors have a vast understanding of weed seeds and most importantly how to store their cannabis seeds.

Plenty of potheads make the mistake, a common error actually, of putting their marijuana seeds in their fridge.

Do not put cannabis seeds in a fridge.

Moisture build up, from opening and closing the door, will ruin them. Instead vacuum seal your marijuana seeds.

Placing them in a freezer.

The freezer is best if you don't intend to germinate marijuana seeds for many years.

Every time you thaw and freeze your cannabis seeds you will make some un-viable.

For a few years storage it's best place to keep your marijuana seeds in a cool dry place.

Sealed airtight.

Cannabis seeds are rather hardy. Requiring very little storage maintenance.

By keeping your cannabis seeds in an air tight container in a cool dry place they'll be ready to germinate for years to come.

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