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How To Use Pot Lifting Method For Watering

Knowing when to water to your marijuana plants is critical skill to possess. Turning your pot seeds into big healthy cannabis plants requires numerous skills. But knowing when to water your marijuana seeds is probably the most important.

Thankfully there is an easy technique to use to know when to water your seeds.

The "lift the pot" method is a widely practiced by marijuana gardeners, and very accurate method of knowing when to water your marijuana plants.

This method is very simple to learn once you get the feel for how light a ready for watering pot of soil feels.

Get an equal size pot and fill it with your soil.

The medium should be about as moist as a new bag of potting soil. Use this as a learning tool to get a rough idea of how much the pots should weigh before watering again.

The pots with your marijuana seeds in them will feel only just slightly heavier when the soil is ready for more water.

Now pick up one of your planted marijuana plants, if its very heavy, do not water it until it feels "light".

Next time you water a marijuana plant, pick it up and feel how much heavier it feels compared to the sample pot of soil.

It only takes a few times picking up the pots until this skill is like a "second nature" to you. You wont even need the sample pot after you get accustomed to the lifting method.

Sure your marijuana plants are always putting on more weight as they grow larger, but once you're proficient at lifting the pots, you'll also know how to compensate for the weight of the cannabis plants with ease.

Anyone who learns this method, will always know when its time to water their pot seeds.

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