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  • Waikiki Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • 10 Seeds - EUR 110
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  • Indica/Sativa: 0%/100%
    Height: 75cm
    Yield: Indoor 700gr
    High: Very strong sativa high, followed by a smooth stoney hawaiian mind breeze.

Is The Mauwi Wauwie Strain Marijuana Seeds Extinct?

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Mauwi Wauwie is not extinct.

Marijuana seeds from this excellent Hawaii strain can be found. Though it is much more difficult because of prohibition. Mauwi Wauwie or Maui Wowie remains popular marijuana seeds because of their memorable flavor and soaring high.

All Hawaiian based marijuana seeds have this same quality, a citrussy aroma, a smooth, fruity-herbal flavor and an inspiring buzz.

Hawaiian marijuana seeds has long been regarded as the best cannabis on earth. Are these legends true? In a word, yes! Most places claim to have the best herb (you know who you are), but the true connoisseur sees past these claims and seeks out the best. Good Hawaiian marijuana seeds have a stone that is mind-warping, and tropical flavors that have to be tasted to be believed.

The cannabis seeds are an incredibly intense when grown indoors. Odor control isn't highly recommend it's a must. Your grow space will smell like a tropical paradise.

The seeds are pure sativa. People who plant marijuana seeds will require plenty of room to grow and patience. As there is a very long flowering time.

Mauwie Wauwie marijuana seeds are mainly sativa crossed with Skunk. Produces an unusually clear buzz.

Very relaxed high.

Maui Waui gives an energetic, cerebral high. It may not come as fast as other marijuana seeds, but the moment it does, you’re pleasingly entrapped in a psychedelic bobble, as if catching one of Hawaii’s surf-friendly waves with your mind.

Mauwie Wauwie is usually sticky, a deep, bright green, and crawling with red and orange THC Hairs. The marijuana buds are smelly and have a fantastic aftertaste. Tinged with a subtle fruity flavor, Maui Waui is easy on the taste buds. It lets you savor its taste and aroma until, “wham!” – you’re hit with quite a radical high.

Of course, you’d want more after.

The marijuana seeds originates from the tropical islands of Hawaii, where it is typically grown outdoors. However, these seeds will only grow outdoors in tropical climates. Growers can choose to grow them indoors. However they require plenty of space and more attention.

Not for first time growers.

Despite some of its drawbacks for growers outside of Hawaii, Maui Wowie is very popular on Amsterdam coffeeshop menus. Its yields barely able to keep up with demand.

Maui Wowie marijuana seeds create huge buds filled with resin, leading to a large yield. They are very mold and disease resistant. More resilient than other marijuana seeds. Created from true old school marijuana seed genetics, ensuring uniformity and greatness. Years of breeding has finally captured the taste of Hawaii islands.

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