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  • Indica/Sativa: 80%/20%
    Height: Indoor/Outdoor 100-130cm/160cm
    Yield: Indoor/Outdoor
    High: Produces fruity flavor, smooth light toke and a good strong high. It will flower with a great skunky smell. I loved that high comming slowly to me. Recommended for stressed individuals :-)
  • More details: Northern Light x Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

Lighting Coverage Primer for Pot Growing

  • Best Selling HPS Lamps:
  • 400W Digital Grow Light Kit
  • 400W Digital Grow Light Kit
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  • The 400W Digital Grow Light Kit will deliver more usable light energy for maximum plant performance and operate cooler, quieter levels than any other compact system on the market.
    • Solis-Tek Digital Dimmable 400 Watt Ballast
    • 400 Watt Metal Halide Bulb (Veg)
    • 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb (Bloom)
    • 6" Air Cooled Reflector With All Hardware
    • Light Cordset And Mogul Socket
    • 250 CFM 6" Duct Fan (Reflector Cooling)
    • Light Mover Pulleys (Move Reflector Easily)
    • Heavy Duty Light Timer
    • Instructional DVD
  • 400W Digital Grow Light Kit
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A very general rule of thumb is that your garden needs 50 watts of high intensity discharge (HID) lighting per square foot of illuminated area. Such as a Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS).

However, this rule ignores the shape of your marijuana grow room so the following is really a better guide:

A 250 watt HID will illuminate a 2' x 2' garden.
A 400 watt HID will illuminate a 3' x 3' garden.
A 600 watt HID will illuminate a 3.5' x 3.5' garden.
A 1000 watt HID will illuminate a 4' x 4' garden.

These numbers assume you have a good reflector around your bulb and also reflective wall coverings. You can increase the figures a bit if using multiple bulbs, due to their overlapping effect. You can also increase coverage using a light mover.

Light diminishes rapidly the farther you go from the bulb. Each bulb has a limited range, beyond which you do not have good marijuana plant growth.

For example, a grow room that's 2 x 10 feet would require 1000 watts using the 50 watts per square foot. However, a 1000 watt bulb only covers an area about 5 feet across - meaning the edges of your marijuana grow room will be darker. The light is not spread equally across the whole room. Which is the goal of the marijuana grower.

A better choice in this case would be three 400s or two 600s.

I could go on, but that's a basic guideline for lighting a grow room for good marijuana plant growth using common HIDs.

Quality seeds require a well lit grow room to properly grow and flower cannabis. Consider equipment costs when starting a marijuana grow room before purchasing pot seeds.

Invest in the best seeds and equipment to create amazing conditions to grow cannabis in.

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