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Marijuana seeds growing outdoors photostory

The plants shown in this article represent the fine seed stock from allpotseeds.com and they were grown outside using very simple methods & nutrients. There are many articles, weed based forums and other places that the beginner can get information from however, much of it is above the heads of those just starting out and for that reason, this article attempts to remove some of the confusion. First, I contacted jack at allpotseeds.com for some good seeds. They sent me Durban Poison which is hard to get here in the US on a regular basis. After 7 days the seeds arrived and were in primo condition. I germed my little beans using the paper towel method and once germed, they were placed into an egg carton container to sprout into seedlings. I use Miracle Grow Organic soil and I know there are some how do not like the regular potting soil and this is due to synthetic minerals & nutes contained in it, but the organic products from MG are perfectly suitable for growing cannabis. And just to give you other options so are the soils found at your local farm supply too in varying sized bags. Just ensure that they are organic based. Now when the seedlings reached 5 inches tall I planted them in a 5 gallon bucket and allowed them to get sun baked all day then at dusk I moved them inside my shop. I did keep a CFL light over them on but nothing fancy. In the mornings they were placed back outside. When my girls reached a height of 3 feet I transplanted them to my plot outdoors. I used the soil they already in and dug a hole big enough to place them inside of. I also mixed in a little native soil when I originally placed them in the buckets to allow for acclimation to what would become later on, their final soil bed. I placed them in their grow spots I selected and watered them in good.

Marijuana seeds growing outdoors photostory

Next I secured the area with some electric wire that I use with my horse fence to keep deer and other pests out. I use a solar box that produces 25 joules so the shock is enough to spook off deer. I water my plants twice weekly. Many newbies over water their plants and is the number one cause of canna-plant death. I prefer to allow my plants to go a little on the dry side as I believe this aids in root growth because the plants are actively searching for water so the roots are constantly “moving” or, growing. I use once again a good Miracle Product that is water based and provides nutes during the grow. I dilute it then build up the does to just short of full strength during the veg growing process. Unlike most other people, I do not give nute during the flowering after 3 weeks. I only give distilled water after the initial three weeks of flowering. I have experimented during my almost twenty years of growing and have found the taste ten times better and the smoke smoother by doing this. Nutes given during the flowering growth stage adds harshness to the final product and this is why you need to “flush” should you add nutes to your plants during the flowering cycle. I have discovered that by adding only water during the flowering phase that it helps the plant be a more natural plant and once again, the final product is better than most plants that have had nutes given to them.

Marijuana seeds growing outdoors photostory

During the veg stage my plants grew really well due to the rain we had which helped with watering and the humidity remained mostly around 78% so the plants actually required little attention from me other than their dosing of nutes and a frequent security check. The growth stage or veg period is really important so that plants get their fullest potential to grow into the plant you really want. I trim lower leaves including taking a few cuttings after the plant shows it’s sex in order to get some more plants going and to always have a good female.

The 2 little plants shown here were clones taken from the bigger plant early on. Those clones were taken after sexing of the main plant. Both clones did very well and were fast to flower out. Cloning is the fastest way to get a plant going if you in a hurry. Its very easy to do also. I used the two clones as “pincher plants” to test the bud during the entire grow. I also utilize a handheld microscope I picked up at a local medical supply house to observe the trichs as I prefer the uplifting type of buzz rather than the narcotic couch lock effect one gets by allowing extra growth during flowering & bud growth. The chart below explains this very clearly.

When the trichs were at the point I prefer them to be the harvest happens, and this is done with an aire of excitement and joy. After all that time, effort and patience its now time to harvest the fruits that from these wondrous plants nature gave mankind. I start my cutting the entire plant at ground level then placing a trash bag over it. When they are all taken I go back to my shop and unload them. I do not cut the buds off like many people do, I prefer to hang the entire plant upside down and allow it to cure for 7 days. During this time I control the humidity and air circulation very easily by using a dehumidifier purchased at Wal Mart (or other like stores) and using a common box fan. After 7 days I’ll take them and cut off the bud. Carefully and using a pair of razor scissors I then place my new bud in a refrigerator that is modified for drying bud. The unit has two large fans attached to either side with one blowing in and the other blowing out. The moisture is controlled by placing a moist bath towel in a baking pan and checked nightly. After 7 more days the bud is cured to perfection. My humidity gauge reads 73% which is within the desired 70-78% range I prefer. The bud will still be a little moist but not enough to promote fungi or mold growth. We then will lay out all of grow harvest on a cloth and allow it to dry at room temp. Some can’t do this for a variety of reasons but we prefer to do this because it aids in stabilizing the moisture of our bud. Afterall, we put a lot of time, effort and sweat in order to enjoy the fruits of our harvest. As I’m sure you do also, so the last thing you want is for the curing process to go awry. The result of this grow was the following…

Marijuana seeds growing outdoors photostory

As one can tell that’s a lot ‘o bud! But that’s from doing things easy as far as growing goes. I believe in making things simple & easy as possible. My plants get basic things like nutes and common potting soil as I cannot see spending some of the money that some people spend for soils, nutes, grow boxes and the like. Humans make things difficult for themselves more often than not usually. Plants already know how to grow and that’s something you should remember when getting ready to grow your own. Just give them a good start and use your common sense when it comes to growing them, and they’ll reward you in many ways.

Peace and may your grows be plentiful, Fungardner

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