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Afghan Feminized marijuana seeds

A pure, feminized and never hybridized marijuana seeds variety, imported from Afghanistan, grown in Holland. A weed from the good old days. Very broad leaves, 100% Indica. Mountainous conditions, over thousands of years have produced a very stocky, sturdy and disease resistant plant.

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Afghan Feminized pot seeds details:

Quantity: 10 seeds (+ 20 free marijuana seeds)
Type: mostly indica
Climate: indoor, outdoor
Yield: 350 gr/m²
Height: 35-50 cm
Flowering period: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: begining of october
Stoned or High: stoned, indica body buzz
THC level: medium 10-15%
Grow Difficulty: easy

Afghani Feminized buds
Afghani Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Taste: Aroma and flavour are heavy, almost medicinal.

High: This pot is really strong! One of those heavy lid highs, when things seem slightly blurry, you feel relaxed and dreamy. This kind of "dopiness" isn’t to be confused with "sleepiness"; you are awake, aware, but some kind of on "standby".

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