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Dutch Dope marijuana seeds

It's a cross between a California Sativa and our Super Skunk which gives gives that tipical Indica Appearance - bushy plant with broad leaves and massive buds around the main stem. Dutch Dope was breeded and hybrydized for over 10 years, in the result it became disease resistant and easy to grow from cannabis seeds.

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Dutch Dope pot seeds details:

Quantity: 10 seeds (+ 20 free marijuana seeds)
Type: indica-sativa mix
Climate: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Yield: 475 gr/m² indoors
Height: 70-90 cm
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Harvest: end of september
Stoned or High: flying high dutchman
THC level: 15%
Grow Difficulty: easy

Dutch Dope buds
Dutch Dope Marijuana Seeds

Taste: Kind of spicy and sweet, rather mild taste.

High: This weed makes you smile! Extremely visual-flashy gear. A tumbling, bumbling, stumbling ride was had on this weed. One vapour hit and I was going great. By the 2nd hit I was just FLYING!

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