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  • Maroc x Skunk Special Marijuana Seeds
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  • Maroc x Skunk Special - click on picture to see buy now button and further ordering and shipping options
  • Indica/Sativa: 15%/85%

    Height: Indoor/Outdoor 100cm/210cm
    Yield: Indoor/Outdoor 110gr/460gr
    High: The high is direct and clean as it hits immediately. It made me rushing around' like a stimulant of some sort. Soft sunny illusions. I love this type of high. I can be pleasantly buzzed without a major crash afterwards ! Begginers happy !
  • More details: Maroc x Skunk Special Marijuana Seeds
  • Best Selling Grow Lights:
  • LED UFO 90 Watts
  • LED UFO 90 Watts
  • $ 199.99
  • Each light contains 90 x 1 watt LEDs, 7:1:1 red/blue/orange ratio
    • Precision red LEDs (flowering)
    • Precision blue LEDs (vegetation)
    • Precision orange LED's (mid-spectrum)
  • Instructional DVD
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • LED UFO 90 Watts
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Choosing The Correct Marijuana Light Fixtures

When growing marijuana it’s imperative that you choose the correct light fixtures.

In my experience the best variety to purchase is High Pressure Sodium (known as hps) or Metal Halide (mh). The high pressure sodium lights are best for starting as they’re the closest to regular light. On the other hand metal halide lights are best suited to later stages of growth, especially when the plants begin to flower.

  • Best Selling HPS Lamps:
  • 400W Digital Grow Light Kit
  • 400W Digital Grow Light Kit
  • $ 399.99
  • The 400W Digital Grow Light Kit will deliver more usable light energy for maximum plant performance and operate cooler, quieter levels than any other compact system on the market.
    • Solis-Tek Digital Dimmable 400 Watt Ballast
    • 400 Watt Metal Halide Bulb (Veg)
    • 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb (Bloom)
    • 6" Air Cooled Reflector With All Hardware
    • Light Cordset And Mogul Socket
    • 250 CFM 6" Duct Fan (Reflector Cooling)
    • Light Mover Pulleys (Move Reflector Easily)
    • Heavy Duty Light Timer
    • Instructional DVD
  • 400W Digital Grow Light Kit
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Ideally you should run

When picking bulbs it’s good to be aware that you’re unable to use a standard sodium bulb with a metal halide light fixture but you can to make use of a metal halide bulb in an equal wattage sodium fixture. I was made aware of this fact several years ago when a trusted friend passed on the info.

To test this theory I went out and bought myself a 400w metal halide bulb and placed it in my frequently used 400w sodium fixture throughout the vegetative period of my latest batches growth. As my friend said the plants are now growing better than ever before, far better than they did with a high pressure sodium light bulb.

I personally make use of both bulbs, during the vegetative phase I’ll use a metal halide bulb and then once the plant reaches maturity and begins to flower I’ll switch over to a high pressure sodium bulb.

For those unable to afford or electing not to use both bulb types I strongly suggest investing in an equal wattage hps fixture and a standard mh light bulb as well as a standard hps bulb. During the vegetative growth use the metal halide bulb and then when the plant flowers switch them over and deploy the high pressure sodium bulb. You’ll be astounded by the results.

In fact there are plenty of high pressure sodium bulbs that you are able to fit into a metal halide fixture and the other way around. Sadly though, these are specialist products and cost up to double what you’d be expected to spend on a regular light bulb. Be sure to switch all light bulbs out after 6 months of continual usage. This ensures maximum efficiency.

  • Best Selling HPS Lamps:
  • 150W HPS Mini Floralux
  • 150W HPS Mini Floralux
  • $ 119.99
  • 150 Watt HPS Ballast and Reflector
  • The 150w Floralux has sturdy steel construction, durable white finish, a highly reflective aluminum reflector insert, and tempered glass lens standard.
  • Optional flanges for forced air cooling
  • 150W HPS Mini Floralux
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You’ll find that four hundred watts is the ideal light size for home grown marijuana. Using this size will enable you to grow as many as 12 plants in one go. However, be sure to increase the number of bulbs if you intend to grow or indeed possess space for more plants.

Buying additional bulbs is a complete necessity if you want to step over the 12 plant margin, however, you should double the number of bulbs as opposed to doubling the wattage. This allows the marijuana grower to spread light equally over the plants, to level the playing field and give each plant the greatest chance of success.

When buying a marijuana light set up you should expect to pay around $300 for a 400 watt system designed for the purpose of growing cannabis.

If you only intend to grow smaller batches of between 2 and 4 plants you’ll be able to make use of a 250 watt mh or hps set up and pay less to boot. Never settle for less than 250 watts though as you’ll limit the final size of the plants. That is of course unless you’re in a position to give the plants natural sunlight.

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  • Stealth Grow Boxes shipping within US, Grow Indoors
  • PC Planter HID
  • PC Planter HID
  • $ 599.00
  • 8.1" tall x 20.6" wide x 18.6" deep
  • PC Planter HID

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