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  • Crystal Rain Marijuana Seeds
  • 10 Seeds - EUR 45
  • Crystal Rain - click on picture to see buy now button and further ordering and shipping options
  • Indica/Sativa: 60%/40%
    Height: Indoor/Outdoor 70cm
    Yield: Indoor/Outdoor
    High: This marijuana plant is a White Widow variety crossed with Northern Light. Its buds are big and sticky. The Crystal Rain marijuana plant has a unique, sweet aroma with a quick hitting high. Lots of THC crystals. Winner of the High Life cup 2005!
  • More details: Crystal Rain Marijuana Seeds

How To Buy Pot Seeds Online

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How to buy cannabis seeds online can be difficult for newbie marijuana growers.

With so many online marijuana seed sites to buy weed seeds from, choosing a reliable honest one can be trying, but fun task. This how to guide will show you some of the basics.

Before buy cannabis seeds online, research several different companies that offer weed seeds.

There are numerous forums and websites devoted buying pot seeds online.

These sites offer readers an opportunity to rank and review and may be of some assistance in finding a dependable online retailer.

Review forum postings carefully.

Most likely someone will complain about a bad online marijuana seeds purchase before they praise a purchase.

Review posts to ensure the marijuana seeds company is capable of getting the product to your address.

Stay away from pot seed banks that have a high postage failure rate.

Thankfully there are a few disreputable companies selling cannabis seeds online.

  • White Ice Marijuana Seeds
  • 10 Seeds - EUR 50
  • White Ice - click on picture to see buy now button and further ordering and shipping options
  • Indica/Sativa: 50%/50%
    Height: 40cm
    Yield: 475gr
    High: The FX are immediate hitting; as you feel a numbing in the rear upper surface of your skull! It buzzes like a swarm of wasps are flying around your dome! You feel really stoned but not sleepy in any way, and it lasts for daze.

Many online marijuana seeds sites have plenty of different sales promotions.

During your research into dependability note which seeds sites offer the best deals. Almost all online cannabis seeds sites offer free marijuana seeds with every purchase.

Use these free marijuana seeds to practice germination.

Buying cannabis seeds online has recently become even more attractive with pick and mix.

Pick and mix allows the online buyer an opportunity to choose different pot seeds in quantities as little as one. Allowing marijuana growers to create their own mix variety pack of marijuana seeds that were previously only available in five and ten packets.

These make your own variety packs are catching on with cannabis growers who desire different types of marijuana.

Pick and mix marijuana seeds purchases are popular for the small personal pot grower who wants a variety of smoke.

By creating your own variety pack of pot seeds you get exactly what you want.

Newbie marijuana growers should seriously consider pick and mix cannabis seeds.

With so much selection it can be daunting, but there really isn't a fool proof method on how to buy cannabis seeds online. Always email your questions to a seeds supplier before making an order. It works!

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