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  • Indica/Sativa: 90%/10%
    Height: Indoor/Outdoor
    Yield: Indoor/Outdoor 250gr/500gr
    High: This is an intense high. Trippy visuals for the most part but there is also an edge you can fall over toward a deep stone. This happens only if you smoke past your limit. Fruity taste.
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  • Tomato Tent Hydroponics
  • Tomato Tent Hydroponics
  • $1599.99
  • Complete 10 Plant Hydroponics System With 400w of HID power and enclosed in a 6.5" tall x 4" wide x 2" deep tent.
  • Tomato Tent Hydroponics

  • Mini Mortgage Lifter Grow Tent Soil
  • Mini Mortgage Lifter Grow Tent Soil
  • $1,749.99
  • Complete 16 Plant Soil System With 600w of HID power and enclosed in a 7" tall x 4" wide x 4" deep tent.
  • Mini Mortgage Lifter Grow Tent Soil

Smoking Pot

"If you don't think smoking pot have done good things for us, do me a favour. Go home tonight, take all your albums, tapes and CDs and burn 'em. 'Cause, you know what?... The musicians who made that great music that has enhanced your lives throughout the years were real high..."

Bill Hicks

What is Smoking Pot Really Like?

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I’ve been an avid non smoker for the vast majority of my life. In actual fact, it wasn’t until I was deep into my adult years that I first sampled pot. Therefore, you can rest assured that I have a pretty unique opinion and view on the activity.

Of all the people I encountered during the Cannabis Cup it’s fair to say I was the junior smoker of the group. Most of them had been enjoying marijuana for years, many of them even decades!

I found it pretty straightforward and simple to smoke pot. Come to think of it, as a long term asthma sufferer I’ve been inhaling plenty of gasses and keeping them down for as long as physically possible. I guess smoking pot had a stigma attached to it as some kind of soul destroying dangerous life ruining drug as opposed to the reality, which is of course that pot is a healing herb.

You can use cannabis in a number of different ways. Commonly people roll the herb into joints, smoke it in a pipe or bong. Plenty of people cook pot into cakes known as “space cakes”. You can buy these in a number of locations around the world. If you’re a novice smoker you’ll want to smoke cannabis in a water pipe (bong). The smoke in a bong is filtered through a cold water reservoir, cooling it and taking some of the harshness away so that it doesn’t cause as much pain to the throat when you inhale.

First time smokers should also make sure that they pick a stress free, warm and comfortable location. Of course, if you’re in Amsterdam pretty much every coffee house fits this criteria, alternatively your living room will suffice. Please, for your safety be sure that you have no further driving to do that day.

Ideally, you should smoke with an experienced smoker for the first time. Somebody who is able to guide you through the experience to make it enjoyable and memorable. Pot smoking is an incredibly social event, people gather all over the world to enjoy the sensation together in one unit. Don’t be fooled into believing the war on drugs style hype that smoking is a solitary, unsocial and dangerous pursuit. The reality, as I discovered is in stark contrast to what you’re led to believe. Just be sure to smoke marijuana responsibly and don’t undergo a long term binge, your body will struggle to cope and the chances are you’ll begin to feel very ill if you don’t gradually introduce it into your system.

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  • Cannabis STOP! System
  • Cannabis STOP! System
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    • Know the Enemy - The Cannabis Guide
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But What Is Smoking Pot Actually Like?

I got a few funny looks at the cannabis cup, the reason? Well, the notes I was taking in my notebook of course! I wrote down all manner of comments relating to the experience. I was on a hazy mission of discovery and I wanted to document it for myself and your enjoyment and education. I wanted to tell you, my readers, what being stoned is actually like. From the perspective of someone who spent the vast majority of their life sober I feel my opinion will be a true, unbiased and fully believable one.

My first stoned observation was actually my most surprising of all that is – being stoned is nothing like I first thought. I’d formulated my own opinion on what being stoned was like, I had my own ideas and expectations. I guess tv and film played a major part of this. Rather than feeling like I was watching movies I felt like I was actually in them! Its like a dream, an ongoing crazy exciting and fun event where you’re the rock star, film star, stand up comic and lead protagonist all wrapped into one. It’s ironic how a wrapped up herb can make you perceive and feel that way.

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  • 600W Power Plant Kit
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  • 600W Power Plant Kit

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