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  • Indica/Sativa: 25%/75%
    Height: Indoor/Outdoor
    Yield: Indoor/Outdoor
    High: Certainly a high vs. stoned effect. The feeling is inspiring, like a low dose of philosophers' stones. Eye opening visuals, everything is a bit twisted as you gaze around. It is a great strain to smoke on a sunny, happy day, watching the light disappear and reappear on the the water surface.

Turning Your Marijuana Seeds Plants Purple

Turning your pot purple to enhance bag appeal is an easy task when you buy purple marijuana seeds.

There's less purple pot around. Compared to Kush or Skunk. Creating huge demand for it when a grower harvests purple marijuana seeds.

Some marijuana seeds (Purple Power, Blueberry, Grand Daddy Purple and Lavender) are genetically programmed to turn purple as they finish flowering. Growers enhance the purple effect by dropping their grow room temperature slightly to make buds go purple.

Do not add food coloring.

Other than green, purple is the most common color sought in marijuana seeds. Triggered by seasonal temperature changes (just as trees change color in the fall), the vibrant hues of the mature pot plant are also the result of genetics.

Indoors and outdoors, color can be influenced by deficiencies as well as by temperature. For purple color to develop upon maturation, marijuana seeds must have the genetic potential to produce anthocyanin pigments. However, the color might never be shown if environmental conditions don’t cause chlorophyll breakdown.

Colombian and Hindu Kush strains tend to develop purple coloration when subjected to low night temperatures during the end of their life cycles.

Purple Orangutan, originally from Afghanistan with heavy traits of the Hindu Kush, produces some of the darkest purple and blue tones found in any marijuana seeds.

Buy geniuene purple marijuana seeds from reputable retailers.

Understanding how to turn pot purple is a learned skill. It's possible not all your marijuana seeds will turn purple. Some marijuana seeds will turn more shades of purple than others. Growing purple marijuana seeds requires practice. However seasoned growers will be rewarded with excellent yields of beautiful looking buds. Commending top dollar.

Purple marijuana seeds are growing in popularity throughout the entire cannabis community. Purple strains are said to have a focal flavor of grape that is nearly universal for all strains.

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