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  • Indica/Sativa: 45%/55%
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    Yield: Indoor 700gr
    High: Strong body stoned and a happy giggly high. Makes me smile all the time and im like giggling soo bad. Cheese marijuana your instant smile. Stoney says cheese.
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Where and How To Buy Pot Seeds In Person

It's not uncommon for first time cannabis growers to make basic mistakes when it comes to buy pot seeds.

This newbie marijuana grower tutorial focuses on purchasing marijuana seeds in person from a marijuana seed bank or med cannabis dispensary.

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  • Emily's Garden System
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Purchasing marijuana seeds in person has many advantages.

The salesperson is selling marijuana seeds all day every day and will be able to assist you in finding the perfect weed seeds for your cannabis grow. Their knowledge of different seeds will greatly assist you in finding marijuana seeds that are good for your location.

Their goal is to steer you towards buy marijuana seeds that will make you come back and purchase more.

Purchasing cannabis seeds from a knowledgeable salesperson is an enjoyable experience. These people understand the pot seed industry better than anyone. They'll direct you to the right cannabis seeds for your marijuana grow setup.

Offering advice and feedback on different marijuana strains. From weed seeds with bad reputations, great reputations and ones developing fantastic reputations. By speaking to someone directly about your marijuana seeds purchase you're cutting down on the research needed to find the right weed seeds for your needs.

Sometimes finding information online on different kinds of marijuana isn't easy. Such as pot seeds germination success rates, actual yield, and marijuana photos of finished results. A retail cannabis seeds shop will know this information.

However don't ask stupid question like what marijuana seeds have the best bag appeal or will make the most the money.

Before setting out to a marijuana seed bank, create a list of different marijuana strains that you'd considering growing. A marijuana seed list will help the salesperson in determining the kind of marijuana you want to grow.

A pot seed salesperson will be able to help in buying easy to grow marijuana seeds. Or suggest the best marijuana seeds for a small space, newbie marijuana grower, sativa enthusiasts or someone looking for a unique marijuana strain.

Marijuana seed banks salespersons have extensive knowledge of different marijuana types. However, many won't answer questions regarding germination or provide information on growing marijuana.

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Retail cannabis seed shops will often sell their pot seeds in original breeder packaging. Original packaging is one measure of the cannabis seeds viability. Marijuana seeds from the original seed breeder is important factor in determining a strains' genetics.

If paying top dollar for expensive marijuana seeds insist they come in original packaging. Some marijuana seeds, such as White Widow, Skunk #1, BlueBerry and Northern Lights are often sold in no name packaging because they're very popular seeds.

These marijuana seeds are so common that they're easily created by marijuana breeders.

Poorly created marijuana hybrids will often break down into their original genetics such as Skunk #1 or Northern Lights. A salesperson will be able to tell you if the marijuana seeds are stable or liable to break down.

Purchasing pot seeds from a cannabis seed bank often requires travel to a pot friendly destinations. Such as Vancouver, Amsterdam, or Oakland. These marijuana friendly cities have numerous marijuana seed banks that a pothead can purchase seeds from.

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