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  • Indica/Sativa: 0%/100%
    Height: up to 90cm
    Yield: Outdoor 300gr
    High: Love uplifting high with a touch of Volcan mind meld ? The most positive celebral high I ever had, makes you happy and active, talk to strangers, joke all the time, run around, watch snails and flowers from short distances and much more happy stoner fun!
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Why do pot strains taste different?

Astute cannabis enthusiasts often talk about pot flavor. How different pot strains possess unique flavors and aromas. Some pot strains have a dull funky flavor, while others are yummy and candied. NYC Diesel pot seeds are known for their unique metallic tinge. Skunk reputation for a dank flavor is well established.

Pot flavor is as important as yield and high.

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Cannabis Cups, Tokers Bowls and other cannabis judging competitions are based not only on the weed high but also the pot flavor.

When choosing pot seeds consider both the pot high and pot flavor. Either do online research or toke different strains to find the one you want to grow.

Many ganja growers seek pot seeds that they'll want to toke all the time. They purchase and swap seeds until the cannabis strain that strikes their fancy is found.

But why do different pot strains taste different?

The different tastes of certain strains of cannabis are a product of controlled-breeding programs. pot breeders will select their best tasting pot plant and breed it with their heaviest yielding strain.

Seeking to discover an offspring that is both heavy yielding and great tasting. These pot breeding programs have created cannabis plants that taste dramatically different from one another.

Sativa pot seeds are often considered more tasty than their indica counterparts. That's because indica pot seeds were originally produced mostly for high and yield not flavor.

With pot breeders focusing on yield and high most indicas became dull or Skunk tasting.

Thankfully many pot breeders have improved on pure indica pot seeds by focusing on flavor. These days almost all indica seeds have a delicious delectable taste to them.

Hybrid pot seeds are best of all worlds. Tasting great and producing heavy.

White Widow, Kush and Citral combine amazing weed high with incredible taste. These seeds were created by combining the tastiest sativa pot strains with the heaviest of indica pot strains.

There are numerous pot strain guides on the web.

How to Achieve Great Taste

Use the right pot fertilizer during both the vegetative and flowering phase. These pot fertilizers will increase your pot plants production of flavinoids to create a tasty finished product. It's important when using marihauna fertilizers to properly flush your pot plant before harvesting. Flushing, harvesting and curing go a long way in developing great tasting pot bud.

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